About Me


My name is Lynn Jacobs.  I just retired from 25 years of teaching middle school and high school English learners. It was amazingly rewarding and fun and heartbreaking, and although I miss it and miss interacting with so many amazing kids every year, it was time to go.  Now I’m finding my way as a retired person, which is no small task, I’m finding.

Here’s a little about me:

I’m 68 years old.

I have three children and four grandchildren, all of whom are smart and funny and really good at doing the things they love. Really. Good.

I have a 135 pound deadlift, and am working to increase that. I work out with an amazing personal trainer twice a week. She pushes me beyond what I would push myself to do and I need that. Plus she is a wonderful person who I’m so lucky to call my friend as well as my trainer.

I am taking a painting class at the community college with students some of whom are the same age as my oldest granddaughter.

I am a member of the local VIPS group. This means I volunteer for the police department in my town.

I love to hash out what I’m thinking by writing about it. I think it was E.M. Forster who said, “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?”  That’s largely what this blog is for. Hashing things out, thinking things through. I hope you’ll join the conversation!